Why Spray hand sanitizer is superior to Gel-based hand sanitizer.

Convenience: Spray hand sanitizer works fast, requires no fabric or paper towels to rub off excess gel and evaporates in seconds.

Cost: A small, discreet 100ml bottle will sanitize hundreds of pairs of hands compared to dozens for small gel-based sanitizers. Thus, the cost/sanitizing a pair of hands is far lower.

Storage: The tiny 100ml bottles can fit easily into purses, pants pockets or jacket pockets.

Easy to share: With a quick spray, all of your family members or friends can have their hands sanitized in an instant.

Effectiveness: The 80% alcohol content assures that your hands get properly sanitized by simply rubbing them thoroughly together.

How to properly use Hand sanitizer

This seems like it should be terribly simple.

However, it turns out that most people are not sanitizing properly.

This is also one of the reasons that we recommend using a spray hand sanitizer product. With our spray hand sanitizer with atomizer, you should spray once on the inside and the outside of both hands then rub them thoroughly for at least 10 seconds – not just 2 or 3 seconds. With our spray hand sanitizer, you will find that it will evaporate by the time you are finished and you can immediately use your hands for whatever purpose you need to.

In those times when you are using gel-based hand sanitizer, you need to use at least enough to fully coat the inside and outside of both hands. You might think of it being a “palm full” of sanitizer. This means that people with medium to large hands will use more sanitizer than those with small hands. For this type of sanitizer, you should thoroughly rub your hands 10-15 seconds. You may still find feel some residue or stickiness on your hands afterward. This is common.