When Disposable Surgical Masks are the best covering choice.

For short duration wear: These masks are a low-cost, disposable solution for those who will need a face covering for a shorter period of time but are not exposed to high-risk medical environments. Going to salons, gyms, grocery stores or restaurants could be good examples of when these masks make sense.

For those who must change environments quickly: If you must go from a from a hot, humid environment to a colder one swiftly, for example, you may find that disposing and changing masks is far preferable than waiting for your mask to “normalize” in the new environment. If you need to move regularly from a retail store back-and-forth to a warehouse could be another situation when these masks could prove very practical.

In warm/hot conditions: These masks are overall lighter in weight than larger, heavier cotton masks and also are designed to allow better inhaling and exhaling. Users like them better than many other mask choices when temperatures rise.

For clearer communication: In a retail environment, these masks enable the user’s voice characteristics to be heard easily and clearly. Also, due to their structure, customers can tell precisely when a user is speaking which enables conversations to be more natural.

When workers need to travel larger distances or when storage is difficult – higher productivity: A number of these slim, lightweight masks can easily be stored in pockets, remote drawers or jackets so that workers/users do not have to return to a “central storage area” for a replacement and can just continue with their tasks.